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Posted on11/27/2019

A present to the Future ™

The sustainable vision of aquama® becomes Pacific

aquama’s Chairman and Founder Mr Willy Lionel Pomathios, together with Mr Adrien Salmon, General Manager for the South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, successfully launched today aquama Pacific, from the famous Hyatt - Andaz in Singapore.

Our Story:

The Swiss sustainable company founded in 2013, thanks to its talented engineers, developed a solution both detergent and disinfectant consisting only of water, salt and electricity. Through this hydrolysis process, water gets rid of all chemical and toxic substances, resulting in a real revolution in the cleaning field.

Our Vision:

aquama’s vision is to provide innovative solutions, 100% biodegradable, for disinfection and cleaning, based on the circular economy, in order to replace 90 millions of tons of chemicals produced each single year.

The Concept:

Made out of water, salt and electricity, aquama solution is a strong disinfectant and detergent,

bactericidal, sporicidal, yeasticidal, virucidal which passed high level norms and matches the highest Swiss and European standards(*), for medical, food industry, and hospitality business.

22 centuries of innovation:

Hydrolysis is a principle known since Ancient Egypt. However, it was publicly introduced and stabilized in May 1800 by two eminent British scientists, William Nicholson and Sir Anthony Carlisle. Based on this ancient principle aquama® developed and provides the world's best hydrolysis technology.

The Business Model :

Throughout its mobile app, aquama’s business model is based on the circular economy. The model is a B2B2C model, managed in an automated way by the app.

While the owner of the aquama device will be charged directly by aquama 0,21 SGD, the final customer will be able to buy and refill its solution via his wallet embedded into the app. The rate he will get charged while refilling gets defined depending on his status (whether he’s a B2B or B2C customer), on each and every deviceb listed on the map.

The difference between the amount invested by the final customer and the rate charged to the owner of the device gets automatically credited to the owner of the device, representing almost 50% of margin. Thus both aquama® Falcon R® machine as well as the Hogeron® machine become ecological vending devices, creating a sustainable profit, based on the so called sharing economy.

After being elected as one of the Best Swiss Startup by FORBES magazine, aquama® is now launching its first master Franchise in Singapore, for the whole Pacific Region, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Recognized in Switzerland as « innovation of year » in 2017, as a result ofits amazing technology, converting water, salt and electricity into a strong cleaning and disinfecting solution for each and every surface, the aquama® Falcon R® got successfully installed at the Hyatt - Andaz, in Singapore.

Public and private entities constantly attempt to place the environmental concerns on their priorities list.  It is indeed not a negligible task, but we all know that it is more a series of modest tangible acts that will empower our societies to restore a successfully sustainable development.

After being elected as one of the Best Swiss Startup by FORBES magazine, aquama® is now launching its first master Franchise in Singapore

Each year, aquama® team works enthusiastically to convey the passion for our econological commitment (economy thanks to ecology, or Circular Economy) and therefore pave the way for future generations to sustain and develop efficient strategies to preserve our planet.

aquama® can efficiently replace these chemical products with 100% biodegradable solutions, made out from water, salt and electricity

We feel fortunate, because our engineers, technicians and partners, support and assist us in delivering the world’s best technology.  Together, we can make the difference!   Across the Globe, there are over 90 millions of tons of chemical products that contaminate our resources, only in regards of the detergence.

aquama® can efficiently replace these chemical products with 100% biodegradable solutions, made from water, salt and electricity, allowing us to guarantee the start of a virtuous cycle (Source:

These facts have motivated the aquama® team to start its new foundations for Pacific in Singapore, to help people from the region whose primary concern is to ensure a sustainable approach to apply our founding principles of econology to their everyday challenges.

The company in constant development today proudly counts 5’000 customers using aquama on a daily basis and intends to keep growing in the coming years as it is our responsibility to act in a responsible and ecological way for all the future generations, this is the promise and the present we can do to the future.

(* Norms : EN/BS1276, EN/BS1650, EN/BS13697, EN/BS14476)
Source : FORBES Magazine