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Hygiene: how much the COVID-19 crisis has changed our daily lives!

Posted on06/19/2020

Studies have shown that the COVID-19 virus can survive for up to 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel, less than 4 hours on copper and less than 24 hours on cardboard” according to the WHO website. This quite impressive longevity of the virus has forced us to adopt, during the past few months, additional hygiene measures which we now continue to apply in the "world after" for keeping safe at home and at work or in public areas. What kind of habits did COVID-19 make us adopt?

  1. Cleaning our desks and our screens for more safety

COVID-19 has doubled the number of teleworking people in Switzerland in just a few months: according to a survey by the Link Institute, 58% of the population worked from home in April, i.e. twice as many as in 2018 (source: SFSO)! Journalists of Le Nouvelliste maintain that 8 out of 10 Swiss are quite satisfied with home office working conditions. Nevertheless, thousands of them went back to work in June at their usual open space office facilities. However, to maintain health safety, a few hygiene measures still need to be complied with. Even if bosses now provide employees with hydro-alcoholic gel and implement social distancing measures, the good habits we all adopted during the crisis must be kept up with, especially when it comes to cleaning our desks!

We must regularly disinfect our mobile phone, keyboard, as well as the computer screen! And do not forget door handles, coffee machines, and the printer knobs when you get back to your office. Now you know why aquama® is a valuable ally! Our cleaning solution is perfectly natural, non-corrosive and economical. Its anti-bacterial and anti-virus properties make it aparticularly suitable cleansing product for your work desk.

2. Disinfect your home... and everything that is inside!

Cleaning our homes to fight the virus effectively was our number one concern these past few months. Did you have trouble finding the ONE most efficient and natural cleaning product capable to remove Covid-19 from your home? Happily, it is never too late to adopt the aquama® reflex! Marlene, one of our customers, sums up its effectiveness as follows: "Very good product indeed for cleaning and disinfecting our home sweet home. Its power over the coronavirus makes me feel safe. All you need to do is simply follow the instructions." Due to its detergent and disinfecting features, aquama® cleans your home in a jiffy, as efficiently and naturally as can be. What do you need to do? Mix water with salt and add a bit electricity... and you are all set!

The natural composition of the cleansing solution also makes aquama® a precious ally to protect the belongings of your toddlers who do not want to miss their cars and dolls wherever they go during the day. Therefore, keep up the good habits and avoid transmitting the virus by regularly disinfecting the favourite toys of your children. Once again, aquama® proves its efficiency! Unlike conventional household products, this naturally made disinfectant is totally safe! It contains neither allergens nor endocrine disruptors. That is why aquama® has been approved by hundreds of day care centres in France, like those of the Crèche Attitude network.

3. Protecting yourself when you are on the go, e.g. in a restaurant

"I use aquama® mainly in the kitchen, on the worktop, glass ceramic hob (incredibly efficient!), cupboards, fridge, oven... and even for the dishes (greasy pots and pans, oven hob)," maintains Nathalie, who is a fan of the aquama® cleansing solution long before the COVID crisis. She says with a chuckle that she uses it to clean "her whole house, the door handles and even her husband. She likes joking and then adds that “Ever since the coronavirus popped up, I clean all packaging when I get back from shopping, even the fruit and vegetables inside, as well as my canteen when coming home from gym."

Just as Nathalie, many Swiss have adopted different kinds of safety reflexes when going outdoors ever since the virus spread: masks, hand disinfection gels and social distancing measures are a must in shops and restaurants. How about disinfecting our cutlery? This is the idea that Karim had, a new fan of our cleansing solution. He thinks that: "The great thing about aquama® is that you can clean everything, even your cutlery in the restaurant, without harming your health or the planet." Now you have another good reason for taking aquama® everywhere you go!

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