Our customers

Our goal is to provide our solutions to all those with general needs to cleaning and sanitizing, and in particular to those who seek a smart alternative to chemical products with artificial scents and coloring.

aquama® would satisfy the needs of customers across the demographics pyramid and would be suitable to use in a variety of businesses and across all cultures.

And because the solution is stable and safe, its usage requires neither masks nor gloves nor any kind of protection, as it is the case with traditional cleaning products!

Therefore, our customers are all house-holds across the continents, as well as all businesses seeking an innovative and profitable model to cater for their cleaning and sanitizing needs in an efficient, economical and environmentally-friendly manner.

Our comprehensive business model is tailor-made to adapt to the most demanding needs in cleaning & sanitizing across all business areas while proposing a profitable yet affordable solution.

Our innovative approach would resolve all issues related to toxicity and inefficiency of traditional products while ensuring a safer future for future generation.


It is of a paramount importance to start acting in favor of a cleaner planet, and a safer outlook for future generations.

The unique and innovative business model of aquama® allows us to develop a valuable and sustainable business for customers, partners and ourselves.

Using our solution, would allow customers and businesses to save up to 80 percent on their total cleaning budget while contributing to cleaner future, free from chemically toxic substances, and significantly simplifying the cleaning approach and stock & procurement management.

aquama® has redefined the notion of econology to allow customers to best satisfy their needs with natural products and a simple approach while ensuring a sustainable profitability.

Probably, you would not realize how aquama® could change your prospect about profitable ecology until you have contacted us!

aquama® because nature deserves better!©

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