Our vision

To provide a sustainable approach to clean & disinfect with naturally efficient solutions that are 100% biodegradable for all business sectors, and on all surfaces.

Our business model, unique and innovative, facilitates the development of sustainable business opportunities for both our customers and partners.

aquama® will continuously seek to advance its technology in order to provide solutions with superior quality and optimal effectiveness.

Our address:

P.O. Box 61, 1197 Prangins, Switzerland

General inquiries:

Call us on +41 21 807 17 37 Or send us a mail info@aquama.ch

aquama® Partnership Programme:

For distribution and franchise opportunities, contact us by mail on consulting@aquama.ch

aquama® Total Customer Care:

Call us on +41 79 192 89 40 Or send us a mail service@aquama.ch

What we do

The approach
aquama® offers a comprehensive approach to cater for B2B (Business to business), B2B2C (Business to business to customer) and B2C (Business to customer) for cleaning & disinfecting needs of any surface in any business sector.

We provide smart solutions for a wide range of business sectors such as:

  • Hospitality,
  • Transport,
  • Health,
  • Education, and
  • Facility Management,

empowering businesses:

  • to enhance their efficiency,
  • simplify their processes,
  • significantly reduce their logistics and cost, while
  • improving their ecological approach.

The technology
The world's best of breed hydrolysis technology, combining the power of our state of the art reactor that generates superior quality of cleaning solution aquama® Blue and a powerful disinfectant aquama® Red with ph 7 (neutral).

aquama® generates from (water + salt + electricity) = hydrolyzed solutions that are efficient, economical and ecological.

The business
Our business model is tailor-made to adapt to the most demanding business needs, in cleaning & disinfecting (, across all  industries and business sectors, while proposing a profitable solution.

The solution
We provide solutions that would resolve issues related to toxicity and/or complexity of traditional products while ensuring a safer perspectives for future generations.

Who we are

aquama® is a privately owned Swiss Cleantech, founded on January 2013 and is based in the lake Geneva area in Switzerland.

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