Ethical strategy

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Ethics is part of aquama® DNA.  Our concept is inspired by nature and we try our utmost to preserve the environment by elaborating solutions and services that protect the ecosystem to ensure a sustainable future.

All our solutions produced are 100% biodegradable and our manufacturing processes are constantly subject to improvements to ensure the most efficient carbon footprint outcome.

We strive to reduce our logistics to near zero, ensuring most affordable prices for clients, while constantly working on our R&D to optimize our services and secure most resource-efficient solutions.

Our business model eliminates all logistics and costs related to acquiring the products, due to the fact that production is handled on-site and on-demand.

Corporate charte

aquama® has chosen to lead by example and to cultivate excellence.

We strive to develop sustainable relations with our customers and partners and to continuously seek to promote respect and transparency across the organization.

It is equally important to ensure that aquama® family truly enjoys its challenges and involves all stake holders in decisions paving the way for a brighter future for us all.

Our aim is to cultivate excellence and set the example of a harmonious and respectful business environment.

Number One Hands

Our values

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